If you are looking for Dread Loc Extentions in Columbia SC You have come to the right place. We specialize in Re-attachments, Loc Maintenance and Loc Extentions. 

Dread Loc


If you are ready for a change and was thinking about locking your hair but don’t want to wait for the long process of growing them. Then Loc Extentions is the right decision for you. They are instant, and you can get them as long or short as you like. Small or Thick it all depends on your lifestyle and personality. We advise you to do whats best and affordable for YOU. Below you will find our price list for all Loc Extention Services. These are  not including a Style that will be an additional charge depending on the style you desire. Please Consult With Your Stylist.

If you already have locs and would like some reattached, length added to your current locs or simple loc maintenance please go ahead and book your appointment for loc maintenance and we will be happy to have your locs looking fresh and neat.  To book this services please choose loc extentions on the appointment page.



Chin Length






Shoulder Length



Midback Length



Waist Length

Consultation Needed



Chin Length



Shoulder Length



Midback Length



Hair is included with this service up to 2 packs


Synthetic Dreadlocks


Up to 40 Locs

Wool Synthetic Dreadlocks


Up to 40 Locs

Crochet Synthetic Dreadlocks


Up to 40 Locks

Hair is included in this service


Dreadlock Maintenance

$75 Per Hour

Maintenance on Starter Dreads and Dreadlock Maintenance

Combining Locks



Dreadlock Hair Wraps

$5 Per  Loc this prevents frizziness at the root


Lock Repair

$10 per loc


Single Dreadlocks



Scalp Loc Detox and Wash



Dreadlock Removal

Price Varies